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Report: NFL, NFLPA to meet this week, discuss personal conduct policy

The NFL and NFLPA will reportedly meet this week to discuss potential revisions to the league's personal conduct policy.
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The NFL and NFLPA will meet this week to discuss potential revisions to the league's personal conduct policy, according to

The two sides have met three previous times to discuss potential revisions. The NFLPA is seeking formal collective bargaining for the personal conduct policy, while the NFL would like to retain commissioner Roger Goodell's ability to impose discipline and hear appeals himself, or to appoint a hand-picked third party to do so.

The conflicting desires of each side have been publicized in the aftermath of Goodell appointing former NFL executive Harold Henderson last week to handle the appeal of Adrian Peterson's season-long suspension. Henderson previously served as the league's executive vice president for labor relations, and according to Pro Football Talk, he has affirmed "90 percent or more" of the NFL's decisions in nearly 90 appeals he has handled for the league.

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The NFLPA issued a statement after Henderson was appointed, saying, "A long-time NFL Executive and current legal consultant cannot, by definition, be a neutral arbitrator." NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith was also critical earlier this month of the league's methods for determining discipline for off-field player violations, calling the NFL's disciplinary process "unfair and arbitrary."

The league issued an independent arbitrator, former U.S. district judge Barbara Jones, to handle Ray Rice's appeal of his indefinite suspension. A ruling from Jones on Rice's case, which as been under her review for roughly 10 days, is expected early this week.

- Mike Fiammetta