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Twenty-three NFL rule change proposals and and four bylaw changes were reviewed by a NFL Competition Committee on Wednesday.

By SI Wire
March 18, 2015

Twenty-three NFL rule change proposals and and four bylaw changes were reviewed by a NFL Competition Committee on Wednesday, according to NFL.com

Thirteen of the proposals related to challenges and replay reviews, and 18 of the rule change proposals were made by teams. Some of the proposals include:

  • Making all penalties reviewable (proposed by the Detroit Lions)
  • Eliminating the ban on challenges in the final two minutes of the half and overtime (proposed by the New England Patriots)
  • Each team receiving a possession in overtime (proposed by the Chicago Bears)
  • Experimenting with a new scoring system during the preseason: A "bonus field goal" from 50 yards out that would allow teams to kick an extra point if they complete a two-point conversion (proposed by the Indianapolis Colts)
  • Putting fixed cameras on sidelines, end lines and goal lines to add onto those provided by broadcast networks (proposed by the Patriots).
  • Calling a timeout to challenge a call rather than throwing a challenge flag. The timeout would be given back if the challenge is upheld.

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The proposals will be discussed and potentially voted on by owners at Sunday's NFL Annual Meeting.

- Molly Geary

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