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Tennessee Titans quarterback Zach Mettenberger responded to Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt’s comments after Mettenberger posted a selfie before his first career start with the team

By SI Wire
July 08, 2015

Tennessee Titans quarterback Zach Mettenberger responded to Houston Texans All-Pro defensive end J.J. Watt’s comments after Mettenberger posted a selfie before his first career start with the team last season.

When the teams met in Week 8, that selfie was brought to Watt’s attention pregame and after Watt sacked Mettenberger, he celebrated by pretending to take a picture of himself.

Watt said after the game if he were a rookie starting for the first time, he would take the game more seriously.

“It was kind of a reminder that this is the NFL, not high school," Watt said. "This is the National Football League. Welcome to the show."

Nearly nine months after that game, Mettenberger responded in an interview with CampusSports.net, commenting on letter jackets worn by Watt and his teammates during the 2012 season.

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“J.J. had to say it’s a bit high schoolish that I take selfies, and I think he still rags me on Instagram every time he posts a selfie,” Mettenberger said. “At the same time, if that’s high schoolish, he got a letterman jacket made—a Texans letterman jacket.

“That’s pretty high schoolish to me, don’t you say?”

The Texans ordered letterman's jackets for the entire team before a December 2012 road contest against the New England Patriots and wore them to the game, which ended in a 42-14 loss.

Mettenberger, who went 0-6 as a starter last season, explained in the interview how the selfie-taking started the week of his first start.

"I got set up by a couple of my friends, sent a selfie out, it got leaked to the public," Mettenberger said. "Then ESPN asked me to send a selfie to them pregame. It just got blown up."


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