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Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul isn’t worried about his amputated index finger affecting his performance.

By SI Wire
September 17, 2015

Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul wants everyone to know that the index finger he lost in a July firework accident wasn't what gave him his athletic ability.

“I can't think of the last time my index finger got me a sack,” Pierre-Paul tweeted on Thursday morning, referring to his amputated digit.

Pierre-Paul seems to be in good spirits despite the accident, which also resulted in the loss of the tip of his thumb and called for reparative surgery on his middle finger. He posted an Instagram video of himself working out on Wednesday, and is said to be optimistic about his recovery.

The Giants organization does not expect the defensive end to return to the team for another five to six weeks, and some are questioning his ability to return at all this season. After examining his hand, the team sent Pierre-Paul back home to Florida to continue to heal.

However, Pierre-Paul seems to have a more positive outlook on the situation and believes he will return sooner than expected.

Pierre-Paul has 42 career sacks in five seasons with the Giants.

Pierre-Paul's perplexing case continues to loom over Giants

- Xandria James

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