New York Jets tight ends coach Jimmie Johnson’s son tweeted insults at Jets players after their 24–17 loss to the Eagles on Sunday.

By SI Wire
September 28, 2015

New York Jets tight ends coach Jimmie Johnson’s son insulted Jets players on Twitter after their 24–17 loss to the Eagles on Sunday, reports Larry Brown for Fox Sports.

Johnson was tweeting from the account @JimmieJ82 while in the Jets locker room after the game. He called injured quarterback Geno Smith a “bum a--” and made fun of cornerback Antonio Cromartie for having 10 children.

Johnson deleted the tweets and changed his account name before apologizing for his actions.

“Those tweets were really stupid on my part,” Johnson tweeted from his new account. “Will apologize to both of them if I get the change.”

The Jets play the Dolphins in Week 4.

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- Erin Flynn

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