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Sour Rankings: Colts' fake punt try was nothing but a glorious disaster

There's no doubt about it. The Colts' disastrous fake punt attempt was the worst play we saw in Week 6 of the NFL.

The updated Power Rankings arrive on Wednesday. But first, the Sour Rankings take a spin through the worst of the past week in the NFL …

10. Tyrann vs. a critic

I can't even imagine how many nut jobs send nasty messages to athletes during a bad game, so I also can't really blame an NFL player when he decides to fire back a bit. And yet, this probably was ill-advised on Tyrann Mathieu's part:


He later deleted the tweet and commented that he shouldn't have responded in the first place. (h/t: The Big Lead)

9. Thomas Davis vs. Jimmy Graham

Graham had a huge game Sunday (eight catches for 140 yards), but it was Davis's Panthers who escaped with the win. Afterward, Davis accused Graham of being a me-first player:

A parting shot that Graham might stash away for later, just in case the Seahawks somehow manage to land themselves a playoff rematch with Carolina.

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8. The Panthers' early wake-up call

Carolina is not the first road team to have its hotel stay disrupted by overzealous fans. But the Panthers, understandably, were displeased when the fire alarms rang at 5:40 a.m. PT:

According to several players the only floors impacted were the three on which the Panthers were spread out. Kicker Graham Gano tweeted out a photo of multiple fire trucks arriving on the scene, though the all-clear came just about 20 minutes after the alarms sounded. 

7. The R-rated NFL Network

This one is NSFW, so we'll provide the link if you are really curious but won't be able to provide much else here. Long story short, the NFL Network's Albert Breer interviewed Adam Jones live from the locker room after Cincinnati's win over Buffalo. And the players behind them just went about their business, showering and changing and what not, despite the camera being pointed in their direction.

It took about 40 seconds for the NFL Network to cut away from the scene.

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6. Saints cat

This post does not necessarily have a word count (the magic of the internet!), but I still have too many questions about this picture to contain them all here:

Among my most pressing queries: Why? Also, how did he get that traveling case through security when the NFL has been forcing people to carry everything in clear, specifically sized bags for the past couple seasons? Oh, and one more time, why? 

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5. The worst moment of Donte Whitner's career

Whitner's Cleveland teammates might have a little fun with this one when they watch film.

Let's call it an "accidental pancake block" from Manning. The Broncos surely would have been fine with their quarterback getting out of the way here, rather than lowering his shoulder and taking on a safety.

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4. Demaryius Thomas vs. birds

Just solid defense here. The birds were in the right position before Peyton Manning threw the ball and they didn't make contact early. No flag. 

3. ARod breaks the FOX set

Cross off Jay Glazer as a red-zone threat whenever all the network's football studio teams play in their intramural league ...

Not a bad toss by Alex Rodriguez.

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2. The Levi's Stadium turf

San Francisco's stadium hosts the Super Bowl in February. It could be a problem.

Baltimore kicker Justin Tucker, understandably, was apoplectic after he slipped and missed the resulting field-goal try. Who puts a trap door right in the middle of a football field?

There have been issues with the Levi Stadium playing surface since the place opened last summer. The grass actually has been replaced or repaired on multiple occasions in just 16 months of use. Can't wait to see what it looks like after the NFL stages one of its elaborate halftime shows there.

1. The Colts' fake punt

Are we calling this a fake punt? Technically, it was, but in reality it was more of a glorious disaster than anything. On a fourth down in their own territory, the Colts lined up with an unusual formation—receiver Griff Whalen over the ball with Colt Anderson behind him, and the remaining nine Colts all lined up to their right in an abbreviated punt formation.


Whalen was not supposed to snap the ball. He did anyway, even though the Patriots had multiple defenders between Anderson and the first down marker. And, well ...

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