The 2016 NFL combine is all wrapped up, and the draft is just two months away. After observing time in Indianapolis,'s Chris Burke gives us his current order. 

By Chris Burke
March 01, 2016

NFL mock drafts are a bit like Starbucks: You may not always want it, but you won’t have to look far if you do. 

With that in mind, we dive back in here with a post-combine breakdown of Round 1. Earlier this week, our latest list of the top 100 prospects rolled out. The 31 first-round picks won't necessarily match up with how the Big Board fell—this is an educated guess at where teams' priorities will lie come draft day; the rankings are personal opinion.

The next big blip on the radar is free agency, which begins next week. How that all plays out obviously will affect what happens in the draft. Until then, here's how things stand:

2016 NFL Mock Draft

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