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Joey Bosa

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Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa attempts to sack Raiders quarterback Derek Carr

Bosa Rips Officials, Criticizes Carr After MNF Win

After the win, Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa said the "refs are blind" and that Raiders quarterback Derek Carr "shuts down" when you get pressure on him.


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Philip Rivers Fired Up as Ever in Indianapolis

The ex-Chargers QB talks about his new situation on the Colts and having his next job lined up. Plus, the league's next big contract, scouting reports on college players opting out and concerns about Matthew Stafford's COVID-19 tests.


MAQB: Alex Smith's Offseason; Watt vs. Bosa Brothers

News and notes from around the NFL, including more detail on Alex Smith’s progress, what game broadcasts could look like, more from Ryan Pace on Bears' training camp, Pete Carroll on Antonio Brown and two superstar pairs of brothers.


MMQB: 2020 Training Camp Makes Roster Building Harder

With the NFL preseason and training camp so different this year, here's the impact on GMs, scouts, rookies, emergency lists and more. Plus, inside opt-out decisions in college and the NFL, and much more.