SI Media Podcast: Featuring ESPN NFL front office insider Louis Riddick

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Welcome to episode No. 52 of the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast with Richard Deitsch. In this podcast, which is published weekly, Deitsch interviews members of the sports media about their work and interesting people about the sports media. This week’s podcast features ESPN NFL Front Office Insider Louis Riddick, who will work all three days of the NFL Draft on ESPN television.

On this episode, Riddick discusses in-depth how he his prepares to cover the NFL Draft, how candid former NFL executives can be on television, how scouts evaluate draft picks, the sports television bias against those players who were not stars in their sport, why NFL teams and media missed so badly on Johnny Manziel, why certain teams are a terrible fit for players, whether he still has NFL executive aspirations, how to learn the mechanics of sports television, why NFL offices often have an adversarial relationship with the media, whether teams specifically put misinformation into marketplace during draft season, and much more.

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