• Parity is alive and well in the NFL: Almost everyone looks good enough to make a run at the playoffs this season. Then again, it's early August. Here's how they stack up 1 through 32 as the first preseason game approaches.
By Chris Burke
August 02, 2016

Our long national nightmare is over. No, not that one—the election isn’t until November.

The other one. Football’s back.

Starting with the Hall of Fame Game between the Colts and Packers on Aug. 7, there will not be a football-free Sunday again until after the next Super Bowl champion is crowned in early February. To be fair, the NFL preseason can be interminable in its own right, like when fourth-string QBs and second-string kickers are battling it out at the end of August. But the hard and fast rule remains that any football is better than no football.

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Best of all, as the 2016 regular season approaches, the league’s beloved parity appears to be alive and well. There are a handful of teams clearly closer to title contention than others, but a good 25 or so teams (if not more) can make a case that they’re good enough to be in the thick of the playoff race this season.

We’ll see if the preseason changes anything—which teams manage to stay healthy, who emerges as a surprise star, how the position battles play out.

Before the official preseason opener this Sunday, though, here’s how the pecking order sits: 

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