• What you should be watching for at all 32 training camps, from Flowery Branch to Oxnard to Mankato.
By The SI Staff
July 29, 2016

By the end of the weekend, all 32 teams will have convened for the first practices of 2016 training camp, a staggered start to the six-month endurance test that is the NFL season. After nearly two months of relative silence, training camp runs the constant risk of information overload for followers of the NFL news cycle: Rosters balloon to a maximum of 90, players are held out of practice with mysterious injuries, the media relays context-free stats and success rates from obscure camp drills and coaches do everything they can to keep from saying anything interesting. And that’s all before the preseason games themselves, a notoriously frustrating tease for the real action that begins in September.

Click on each team below for a five-minute preview of the players and storylines worth watching over the course of the preseason, from rookies on the rise to position battle predictions to tips for tolerating the exhibition schedule.

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