NFL removes 'probable' as team injury report designation

NFL's Competition Committee has eliminated the "probable" designation from injury reports.
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The NFL's Competition Committee recently changed the way teams are required to report a player's injuries, the league announced.

When listing injuries for games in the regular season, the league the eliminated the "probable" category, so now teams have to list players as "questionable," "doubtful," or "out."

"Questionable" designates a player who is uncertain to play. "Doubtful" means the player is unlikely to play, and "out" means the player will not play.

The league eliminated the "probable" category in part because about 95% of the players who were listed under that designation ended up participating in a game. 

For practice reports, the word "out" has been eliminated.

Teams must list injured players one of three ways in regards to practice. If the player did not practice, he will be listed as "did not participate." If the injured player practices, he will be listed under either "limited participation" if he took less than 100% of his normal reps, or under "full participation" if he took all of his normal reps.

A player that is certain to play in a game will no longer appear on the game status report, even if he was listed on the team's practice injury report during that week. But if that player ends up being deactivated for the game, an explanation must be provided to the league, with teams facing discipline if the rule is violated.  

- Scooby Axson