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The end of the election? Better games? Either way, overnight ratings were up for the NFL in Week 10.

By SI Wire
November 14, 2016

The overnight ratings for NFL games in Week 10 were up after Sunday's games, the first set of games played after the conclusion of the presidential election last week. 

Ratings have been down this season, leading to speculation about whether the election and airing of presidential debates was drawing viewers away from football. The World Series also performed better than NFL games, with Game 5 between the Cubs and Indians drawing a 15.3 overnight rating compared with an 11.6 for the Cowboys and Eagles on Sunday Night Football.

Now, with baseball over and the presidential race decided, the NFL is showing signs of gaining viewers.

Sunday Night Football between the Patriots and the Seahawks earned a 14.3 overnight rating, which was the best Week 10 and SNF rating since 2011. The Cowboys' win over the Steelers drew a 17.8 rating, which was the highest-rated game of the season.

There is no indication whether the ratings will continue to rise, as the dramatic finishes for both Patriots-Seahawks and Cowboys-Steelers likely contributed to the bump. 

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