Street Fight in Denver, Bucs Are Really for Real, Carr Mangles a Finger and Wins Anyway

Plus, a ridiculous ending in Baltimore, Falcons unstoppable again, Tannehill steps up, your mailbag questions, and a little bit of Grey Cup
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This week's show:

1. Street fight in Denver ends on a bank shot — 2:35

2. Bucs’ destruction of the Seahawks — 8:38

3. Khalil Mack dominates while Derek Carr loses a finger but gains a win — 13:30

4. Ravens actually run the ball, then game ends in an embarrassment — 20:47

5. Falcons light up Cardinals D — 28:26

6. Tannehill leads the way while Kaep’s comeback falls just short — 32:46

7. Titans get it done (but man, those Bears receivers) — 37:02

8. Reader Mailbag: Dak is slow getting through progressions; has that been the case with other rookies? Will the Bears burn it all down this offseason? Why is everyone so obsessed with team ranks that don’t factor strength of opponents? — 42:42

9. The Lightning-ish Round (Sean Payton causes Rams D to burst into flames, Gus Bradley is a dead man walking, Giants get creative with Odell Beckham Jr., Chargers too tough in Houston, another boring Brady comeback, and wondering about Belichick’s clock management) — 53:06

10. Week 12 Awards: I gave one to someone from the Grey Cup, and Andy was in no way amused — 1:02:25