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Giants accuse Steelers of using deflated footballs, NFL finds no violation

The Giants measured the air pressure in two Steelers balls last week. 
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The Giants approached the NFL with accusations that the Steelers were using under-inflated balls in last week’s game, Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer reports, but the league determined there was no wrongdoing. 

The New York defense forced two turnovers during the 24–14 Pittsburgh win and tested the air pressure in the balls, Glazer reports. Both balls came in at below the required psi level. The Giants then sent the balls to the NFL, according to Glazer. 

The NFL said in a statement that “all footballs were in compliance” and the Giants never filed an official complaint. 

After the Patriots’ Deflategate controversy, the NFL began randomly testing the psi levels of footballs in the 2015 season, but those tests appear to be infrequent

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The Patriots argued that the low air pressure of the footballs in the AFC championship game at the center of the case was due to cold temperatures. The kickoff temperature in Pittsburgh last week was 43 degrees. 

The Steelers declined to comment on the report Sunday afternoon.