Cincinnati Bengals NFL draft picks: 2017 round-by-round results, grades

How will the Bengals use their picks in the 2017 NFL draft? We’re breaking down every selection below.
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Coming off a 6-9-1 campaign, the Bengals are looking to rebound going into the 2017 season. How will they use their picks in the NFL draft?

Here's the full list of picks the Bengals hold in the 2017 draft, which will be updated as each selection is made.

Round 1, Pick 9 (No. 9 overall)

John Ross, WR, Washington: What was viewed as an elite draft for defensive talent sees six offensive players off the board in the first nine picks. Go figure. As was the case with Davis at No. 5, Ross’s health issues did not hold him back at all come Round 1. Heading into this draft, the Bengals needed to find help  for A.J. Green, who was surrounded on the depth chart before Thursday by names like Brandon LaFell and Tyler Boyd. Ross is the explosive game-changer that was missing—the question is if he can stay on the field.​ GRADE: B+

Round 2, Pick 16  (No. 48, from the Vikings)

Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma: The Bengals have never shied away from players with red flags, so they always shaped up as a possible match for Mixon. That’s also true because of their need at running back. Cincinnati’s current backfield bruiser, Jeremy Hill, has proven ineffective. Even at his best, he never had the upside of Mixon, who might have pushed into the top 10 without that horrible off-field incident while he was at Oklahoma. The talent is not a question, at all. There are a lot of other questions, though. He has been under a microscope from NFL evaluators after he punched a woman in 2014. Can the Bengals trust him?​ GRADE: B

If not for Tyreek Hill's success, Joe Mixon likely would not have been drafted in Round 2

Round 3, Pick 9 (No. 73)

Jordan Willis, LB, Kansas State: No knock intended on Willis, who tore up the combine, but his actual tape suggested more of a late-Round 2/early-Round 3 value. It’s a good find for the Bengals where they got him, because they needed someone else capable of pressuring the QB off the edge. GRADE: B+​

Round 4, Pick 9 (No. 116) Carl Lawson, OLB, Auburn

Round 4, Pick 22 (No. 128) Josh Malone, WR, Tennessee

Round 4, Pick 33 (No. 138) Ryan Glasgow, DT, Michigan

Round 5, Pick 9 (No. 153) Jake Elliott, K, Memphis

Round 5, Pick 33 (No. 176) J.J. Dielman, C, Utah

Round 6, Pick 9 (No. 193) Jordan Evans, LB, Oklahoma

Round 6, Pick 23 (No. 207) Brandon Wilson, RB, Houston

Round 7, Pick 33 (No. 251) Mason Schreck, TE, Buffalo