Michael Vick will bring his talents to flag football

Can Michael Vick regain that video game speed?
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Will Michael Vick be able to regain a bit of the electric athleticism that made him a transcendent star a decade ago? The organizers of a new flag football league hope so. 

Vick will be playing in the American Flag Football League’s test game in San Jose late next month, ESPN’s Darren Rovell reports. It’ll be a 60-minute game played on a 100-yard field, just like the NFL, but there will only be seven players on each side. That gives Vick, who will turn 37 one day before the game, a bit more room to try to shake defenders out their shoes like he did in Madden 2004.

Recently retired NFL running back Justin Forsett will also be playing. The league hopes to attract other former NFL players and college players who never made it in the pros, too.

If anyone does end up catching Vick, the league has also taken steps to eliminate the sort of arguments that have surely derailed countless flag football games in the past. The flags will be attached to the players’ belts by magnets that will mark the exact location where they were detached. No more fights about spotting the ball. 

If all goes according to plan, an eight-team league will begin play in 2018.