Don’t worry, he left a pretty big tip. 

By Dan Gartland
June 07, 2017

OTA practices are technically voluntary, but for guys like Shareece Wright adjusting to new surroundings and eager to prove themselves to a new group of coaches, they’re pretty essential. So you can understand why he might go to extreme lengths to get there. 

Wright, 30, signed a one-year deal with the Bills last month and was at Chicago’s O’Hare airport on the eve of Buffalo’s first offseason practice. His flight must have been canceled, because he ended up taking an Uber more than eight hours and almost 550 miles to the Bills’ facility. 

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Wright also added a $300 tip on top of the $632.08 fare, according to his agent, Tamerat Berhe. Uber takes about a 20% cut of the fare, which means the driver took home roughly $800 before tolls, gas and taxes. That’s not too bad but I wonder if he could have made more making regular airport runs. (UPDATE: A Bills sponsor, BlueRock Energy, is giving the driver, Hadi Abdollahian, another $932.08.)

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