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The Top 10 Quarterbacks in Football

Reigning MVP Ryan, GOAT Brady or obscenely talented Rodgers? We reveal the definitive countdown of the top 10 quarterbacks in football entering the 2017 season

It’s that bittersweetest of moments: The final installment of the position rankings series. So spend 45 minutes listening to “Cats in the Cradle” (or listen to it simultaneously and see if it synchs up), then play our extra-special, slightly-longer-than-usual episode ranking the NFL’s top 10 quarterbacks.

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This week’s show:

Number 10—3:41

Number 9—10:06

Number 8—12:00

Number 7—17:06

Number 6—25:23

Number 5—31:07

Number 4—40:00

Number 3—43:56

Number 1 (because we did it America’s Funniest Home Videos style)—49:19

Number 2—56:27

Others receiving votes—1:01:04