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The Giant Mailbag: On Clay Matthews, Richard Sherman, Julio Jones

Plus, running down who’s overpaid, young defensive players ready to break out a two-week Super Bowl(?) and so much more

It is your birthright to listen to every second of the biggest mailbag in the show’s history. Welcome to the Part I of at least Part III of the Mailbag Extravaganza.

We got too many frickin’ questions, so we’re just going to keep churning out mailbag shows until we’ve answered them all. Because, of course, we guaranteed (and continue to guarantee) that we will answer your question if it is submitted along with an iTunes review.

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This week’s show:

Who is the better second-year corner, James Bradberry or Jalen Ramsey?—3:12

Are the Eagles set at corner? And what corner could they get in a deal for Jordan Matthews?—4:40

Why doesn’t the Packers’ brain trust ever put a premium on inside linebackers?—9:09

If defensive linemen are so much better than offensive linemen, why don’t more defenses play zone coverage?—13:57

Your position rankings podcasts didn’t feature a lot of Patriots. What’s the deal with that?—16:33

Who is the most overpaid player in football?—21:10

Julio Jones is very good at football. Why isn’t he used in the red zone?—28:42

You guys talk about offensive linemen a lot, but what do other position coaches do?—30:31

They should make the Super Bowl two weeks long and then use aggregate scoring, right?—32:04

Who are some defensive players you anticipate breaking out in 2017?—34:25

About Richard Sherman’s standing in some of Andy’s player rankings … why such a hater, Andy?—39:15

Everyone knows the preseason meaningless. But isn’t the first month of the season also kinda meaningless? Look at the Vikings, Broncos and Eagles last season…—40:38

What’s up with Michael Thomas?—45:09

Should I be worried about the direction the Broncos are going in under John Elway (‘cuz of the coach and QB situations)?—47:58