Ex-NFL QB, Jared Lorenzen announces video series to document his battle with obesity.

By Jimmy Traina
August 01, 2017

The "Hefty-Lefty" might be a cute nickname, but Jared Lorenzen's weight has reached a dangerous level and the former QB is doing something about it.

The 36-year-old, who became popular during his days at Kentucky, has launched "The Jared Lorenzen Project," in which he will share his weight-loss journey with viewers. In the opening video (above), Lorenzen talks about not going on a scale since since 2008 when he weighed 285. When he recently checked his weight, it was 502 pounds. Lorenzen explained that he was always big and never ate a vegetable, growing up on mac and cheese and potatoes.

"Right now, if I didn’t wake up tomorrow, it wouldn’t be a shock to many people,” Lorenzen says in the video. “‘Well, yeah, you know, look how big he is? Damn.’”

The series will feature Lorenzen working with a pair of fitness and nutrition experts as he tries to slim down and get healthy. 

On Tuesday, Lorenzen posted a second video in which he thanked everyone for the support and positive feedback on the project. 

Best of luck to Lorenzen on his mission. 




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