Michael Bennett was roughed up by police and the incident left his brother Martellus shaken. 

By Dan Gartland
September 06, 2017

Michael Bennett’s brother Martellus was shaken by the news that Michael had been assaulted by police in Las Vegas. 

Bennett said Wednesday that he was forced to the ground and handcuffed by officers there on the night of the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight. One officer pointed a gun at Bennett’s head and threatened to “blow [his] f---ing head off,” Bennett said. TMZ has also obtained video of the incident

Martellus, who is one year younger than Michael, shared his reaction to the incident in an Instagram post. 

“The call that night was a scary one,” Martellus wrote. “The emotion and the thought of almost losing you because of the way you look left me in one of the saddest places ever. I could hear the fear in your voice, the tears in your eyes as well your sprinting heart beat. I can't imagine how the people who lost their loved ones felt when they got the call. A lot of people feel like it couldn't happen to them because of status, neighborhood ("that only happens in the hood") or whatever, but it all honesty YOU could be next. I COULD BE NEXT. YOUR SON, DAUGHTER, BROTHER, FATHER, GRANDPA, SISTER, COUSIN could be next.

“I'm sad that you have to share this type of experience with the world but at the same time I'm happy that it happened to you and you lived to talk about it because we all know you're going to talk about it. Lol. The conversation is growing and I'm glad your voice is one of the ones being heard. You are as real as they come, well at least how they used to come. I encourage you to Continue telling your story and the stories of those that came before. I love you very much, [Michael]. To me you're much more than a n----r.”

The Bennett brothers have both been outspoken on social issues recently. Martellus joined Patriots teammate Devin McCourty last season in raising his fist after the national anthem before a game last season and Michael sat for the anthem during the preseason this year, a practice he plans to continue through the season. 

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