New NFL Celebration Rules Explained

Here is an explanation of the new NFL celebration rules. 
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Starting this season, the Natonal Football League decided to let their players have a little fun after scoring a touchdown.

In years past, anything that remotely looked out of place and deemed excessively in terms of celebrations drew a flag.

After talking with dozens of players, the NFL and the competition committee decided it was time to relax some of the rules.

Now allowed in end zone celebrations are using the football as a prop after a touchdown, celebrating on the ground and Group demonstrations.

But celebrations that are offensive and hold up the game are still banned. Taunting will also still draw a 15–yard penalty.

Using a simulated weapon (i.e. bow and arrow) of any kind will draw a penalty and a hefty fine.

And dancing is allowed, but twerking (sorry, Antonio Brown) will bring out the yellow hanky.