Tony Romo felt the Twitter wrath of 91-year-old John Dingell over his Skechers.

By Jimmy Traina
September 08, 2017

Tony Romo is used to getting mocked. That comes with the territory when you're an NFL quarterback. 

However, Romo had to be taken aback just a little bit when a 91-year-old former Congressman threw some shade his way, as the cool kids say. Especially since it had nothing to do with football.

It all started when the former Cowboys signal-caller did some promotional work for Skechers Thursday night by sending the following tweet to announce his new partnership with the company.

Dingell, who was a member of United States House of Representatives from 1955, until 2015, showed that even a nonagenarian can do Twitter snark with the best of them by pouncing on Romo and his sneakers.

The burn brought great joy to Twitter dot com and was celebrated in a big way.

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