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Look: 49ers, Rams Open Seasons With Plenty of Empty Seats in Stadiums

Fans appear to be not too excited about the start of the season in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The start of the NFL season is normally a pretty big deal across the country. Apparently Los Angeles and San Francisco didn't get the memo.

The Rams and 49ers each opened their season at home Sunday, and both teams had to start their games with lots of empty seats in the stadium.

The Rams are hosting the the Colts, but it seems like the los Angeles fans are not that concerned about being there to see it in person.

The 49ers are welcoming the Panthers, but not even Cam Newton could attract a crowd that wanted to show up for kickoff.

When the second half started with the 49ers trailing 13-0, the crowd had thinned out even more.

The Rams and 49ers combined to win six games last season, so that could be playing a role in fan interest.