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There’s an eBay Bidding War for a Piece of Takkarist McKinley’s Hair, for Some Reason

This is just weird. 

Football is the kind of brutal game where you can have a substantial piece of your hair ripped straight out of your scalp. It’s also the kind of game that attracts the sort of lunatic fans who will pay significant amounts of money for those dead follicles. 

Takkarist McKinley’s Falcons were in Detroit last weekend for a thriller against the Lions and McKinley lost a chunk of hair somewhere along the way. A Ford Field employee spotted McKinley’s hair laying on the turf, picked it up, snapped a few photos and put it up for sale on eBay. This is extremely weird. 

Takk couldn’t believe that people were actually bidding on a piece of his hair. In the half hour since he tweeted about it, the bidding went from $20 to over $50. 

Unbelievably, the bidding reached $11,000!

Then, eBay sensed that too much fun was being had, so they removed the posting altogether. Next time you're frustrated about what you get for an item you put on eBay, remember that a literal piece of hair was going for $11,000.