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This Is the Seattle Defense We Know: Takeaways from Seahawks’ 46–18 Win Against Colts

The Seahawks got off to a slow start against the Colts, not helped by an early safety of Russell Wilson. But Seattle took off in the third quarter, buoyed by a fumble return for a touchdown by Bobby Wagner, and didn't look back.

Three thoughts on Seattle’s 46-18 win against Indianapolis on Sunday Night Football.

1. Now this is the Seattle defense we all know and love and fear. If the offense can’t score, the defense will do it for them. The Seahawks’ defense got two defensive scores—a pick-six and a fumble return for a touchdown by Bobby Wagner—that buoyed Seattle on Sunday night. Russell Wilson looked like his magic was running out after he netted the offense just one point in the first half. But with a 25–18 lead late in the third, Wagner picked up Jacoby Brissett’s fumble and housed it to star the runaway.

The Seahawks held the Packers to 17 in a season-opening loss before getting their first win against San Francisco by holding its offense to only nine points. But last week’s 33–27 loss to Tennessee saw Seattle give up touchdown plays of 75 and 55 yards. The Seahawks have to feel good righting the ship heading into next week’s game against the Rams for control of the NFC West.

2. After messing up their quarterback situation this offseason and admitting their mistakes last month in the trade for Jacoby Brissett, the Colts appear to have done as well as they could in finding a bridge to Andrew Luck. Luck could return to practice this week, though it’s unclear if he will take over the 1–3 Colts next week against San Francisco or the following week against Tennessee. But Brissett has played as well as anyone could reasonably hope with such little time in the system. He masterfully held Earl Thomas in place with his eyes on a second-quarter touchdown throw to Donte Moncrief. He dealt well with a third-string center for most of the game, and even turned a play into positive yards after the two missed a snap in the first half. Even his pick-six wasn’t a bad throw, and the receiver could have been more physical on his route to create more separation. Once the Seahawks got rolling in the third quarter there wasn’t much hope for Brissett mounting a comeback in Seattle against that defense. But he continued to hold his own and make this Colts team watchable without Luck.

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3. I cannot understand an argument that ranks Richard Sherman as the 88th-best cornerback out of 110 in this league. Yet that’s where Pro Football Focus’ rankings have Sherman, according to a graphic flashed by NBC when he was being introduced. Sherman is a four-time All-Pro who was targeted once Sunday night by Brissett. This isn’t to pile on to PFF, because I believe they do solid work overall, but Sherman being ranked so low despite being so dominant doesn’t pass any sort of smell or eye test.