Marshawn Lynch was just sticking up for his cousin Marcus Peters. 

By Dan Gartland
October 20, 2017

Marshawn Lynch was sticking up for an opponent when he was ejected from Thursday night’s game against the Chiefs, one of his Raiders teammates said. 

In the second quarter, Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters hit Derek Carr in the head and several Raiders rushed to confront him. Lynch ran from the sideline to join the fray and was ejected in the second quarter when he shoved an official. 

“He was sticking up for his cousin. They’re that close,” Raiders lineman Donald Penn said after the game. “I know that’s what he was doing. The same thing Chris Long did for his brother. That’s what happened. He’ll learn from it.”

Lynch and Peters consider each other cousins, though they are not related by blood or marriage. The two have been close since Peters was young. Peters, like Lynch, is from Oakland and played at the University of Washington while Lynch played with the Seahawks. 

The video of the incident backs up the theory that Lynch was trying to protect Peters. Lynch sprinted off the bench as a group of Raiders players surrounded Peters. When Lynch pushed past the official, he grabbed Peters and directed him away from the scrum.

“They can say what they want but one thing’s for certain: Family do come first,” Peters told the San Jose Mercury News

After the game, Lynch and Peters took the train home together

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