• The only way to get over a bad beat is to talk about a bad beat. Our readers share their worst stories from the second quarter of the season.
By Michael Beller
November 03, 2017

Bad beats. We’ve all experienced them in one way or another. They’re also the only fantasy stories anyone wants to hear. Misery loves company, after all, and the only good part of a bad beat is getting to complain about it to your friends.

We at SI.com thought we’d increase your social network a little bit. We put out a call for your best bad-beat stories at the start of the season, giving you the opportunity to complain to not only your friends about your heartbreaking losses, but to us and the entire internet, as well. We’ll publish the ones once a month throughout the season, so keep sending them in to sibadbeats@gmail.com.

And now, the best bad beat stories shared with us from the second quarter of the season. Click here for our first set of bad beat stories, which covered the first month of the season.

The Ryan Succop Game (submitted by Jason Greenberg)

Back in Week 6, Succop had the game of his life. He made all five of his field goal attempts, and added three extra points, to boot. He likely forced many fantasy owners into the Ban Kickers movement, including Jason, who tells us the following story.

I was up by 20, and my opponent only had his kicker to go. Succop scores 21 and I lose by .9. Ugh.

Ugh, indeed, Jason.

Fantasy Football Week 9 Start ’Em, Sit ’Em

Nice play call, Titans (submitted by Mitchell Jandrin)

In case you’ve forgotten, the Titans have DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry on their roster, as well as one of the most dangerous mobile quarterbacks in the league in Marcus Mariota. So then it only made sense when they gave a goal-line carry to Delanie Walker in that same Week 6 game, right? We’ll let Mitchell take it away.

I lost by 0.26 points, 88.94-88.68. I would have won if the Titans didn’t give Delaine Walker a jet sweep at the two- yard line where he lost three yards.

Thanks for nothing, Amari and the Falcons (submitted by Marcus Jones)

Look, you can’t fault any fantasy owner who was fed up with Amari Cooper going into the Raiders Week 7 game with the Chiefs. After all, to that point he had 18 catches for 146 yards and a touchdown for the entire season. Could you really blame someone, like Marcus, who benched him that week?

Oh, this would probably be a good time to mention that this was the week where Cooper had 11 catches for 210 yards and two scores. It doesn’t end there, though. Take it away, Marcus.

This bad beat hurt. I started off by benching Amari Cooper, but I was still in good shape. At the end of week I only needed Atlanta to score points against the Patriots. I had Matt Bryant as my kicker, and was playing against the New England defense. The Falcons scored seven points. This week sucked.

Fantasy Football Week 9 Positional Rankings

Just when I start to get excited (submitted by Owen Jennings)

This season has been brutal. I was 0-5 going into this week, and hadn’t scored 100 points all year in a PPR league. But, I felt good about this week. Cam played well, Tate went off and Davante Adams was playing great. I had broken 100 points with 124. Going into Monday, I was up 13 points and my opponent only had Mariota to play. He played like trash and had eight points with 10 minutes left in the game. I was getting hyped, texting my friends and suddenly, he throws a 53-yard touchdown, and gets two points for the 50 yards and four for the touchdown. I lost by one.

Garbage time really is garbage (submitted by Cam McCarthy)

Garbage time can be fun, if you’re the one chasing points. If you’re trying to hold onto a lead, it can be a nightmare. Just ask Cam.

Yeah, I just lost 100.12 to 100.00 in my 16-team league solely because of those two last-minute, pointless completions from Trevor Siemian. Had sole possession of first place locked up with a win. Crushing.

Week 9 Fantasy Football Sneaky Starts

Harrison Butker, wrecker of fantasy worlds (submitted by Joseph Gregg and Alex Seva)

Butker has been a revelation for the Chiefs, making 18 of his 19 field goal attempts in just five games. He has made at least three in four of those games, and has a pair of games with five field goals. That’s great when he’s on your team. When you’re playing against him? Not so much. Let’s learn how devastating that can be, first from Joseph, and then from Alex.

This morning, I was up 62 points in my 12-man PPR league. Going into MNF I had Fowler, while my opponent had Demaryius Thomas, C.J. Anderson, Butker and KC defense. Fowler dropped a touchdown and Butker's 50-yard field goal sealed the deal. The real kicker (pardon the pun) is I started Cam over Deshaun Watson. Never again.

I was up by almost 15 points going into MNF, with Kareem Hunt. My opponent had Butker. Figured I had it in the bag. Even Yahoo showed a 95% win percentage. But, of course, Hunt underperformed and KC seemed to only kick field goals. Ended up losing by .9 pts. 


The Best DFS Values for Week 9

Sometimes, it just isn’t your season (submitted by Kevin Wyne)

This doesn’t even need an intro. I’m just going to let Kevin run with it.

Let me preface this by saying I own the highest-scoring team in the league through eight weeks, by 50 points. I sit at 3-5 and have lost two games by five points, and another by two points. Entering last Monday night (Week 7), I held a 31-point lead. I was done and had put up a respectable total. My opponent had Carson Wentz and the Eagles Defense. Generally,  a 20-point total out of a QB is pretty darn good in our league, and defenses generally net less than eight points. Needless to say I was confident. Through the first quarter I was feeling great, but then Carson Wentz hit Mack Hollins for a 64-yard touchdown (anything over 50 yards is a bonus in our league, so in this case a 4-point TD became a 7 point-TD for Wentz). That's when it turned. Wentz went on to throw four touchdowns and accumulate 29 points. However, I still had hope! Garbage yardage by the Redskins offense could propel me to victory! If the Redskins could reach 350 yards the Eagles defense would put up ZERO points. The Skins forced the Eagles to punt with less than two minutes left. All I needed Kirk Cousins and company to do is gain six yards. Six freaking yards! What ensued was classic Washington disappointment. Cousins was sacked for a loss of 13, Chris Thompson caught a pass but lost three yards, Thompson rushed for 15 yards (erasing the previously lost yardage,) and Cousins threw incomplete to Josh Doctson. I lost the game 92-90.

This week (Week 8) I entered Monday night with a 7-point lead. I had Kareem Hunt going on MNF and my opponent had Travis Kelce and Marcus Peters (we our an IDP league). IDP scoring in our league is usually pretty low. We do not count tackles, only interceptions, fumble recoveries, touchdowns and sacks. Needless to say, IDPs are usually dismissed because those big defensive plays are fluky. So, I liked where I stood going into MNF with a 7-point lead. Hunt vs. Kelce seemed like a wash. I settled into watch the game around the 10-minute mark of the first quarter. The first play I saw was Jamaal Charles forcing his way through the KC defense and being stripped. The ball was picked up by KC who returned it for a touchdown. I heard Sean McDonough say Marcus Peters for the TD, and immediately began screaming profanity. That was a 12-point play. Almost immediately I was down by five. But, hope is not lost. I just need a TD out of Hunt and Kelce to have a quiet night, and I am back in this thing. Three game-time minutes later Travis Kelce scores and most hope was lost. The final nail in the coffin was a Marcus Peters interception shortly therafter. I was done before the game got out of the first quarter. With Kareem Hunt's quiet night, I ended up losing by 25. Things are looking grim for the high scoring Frosty Brews this season.

Fantasy football is cruel.

Eagle (-2)
Birdie (-1)
Bogey (+1)
Double Bogey (+2)