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Chrissy Teigen Was the Football Guru Twitter Needed During Giants-Redskins

If Chrissy Teigen isn't your new favorite football analyst you don't really love football.

You might have stopped caring about the NFL during Thanksgiving, especially when it was time for the late game between the Redskins and Giants, who entered the game with a combined record of 6-14.

If you decided the primetime game was your chance to stop paying attention to football and actually talk with your family during the holiday, you missed out on the highlight of Thanksgiving football this year: Chrissy Teigen tweeting her NFL analysis. You read that correctly. Model ChrissyTeigen was tweeting about football Thursday and that was easily the best part of all the football games played on Thanksgiving.

Teigen has been well established as one of the best tweeters in the business, but Thursday she pivoted from cracking jokes about Donald Trump to flexing her football knowledge.

It all started when Kirk Cousins threw a game-tying pick-six to Janoris Jenkins late in the third quarter.

Woah! Bold move Chrissy Teigen. First tweet about football all day and you're talking about how the playing surface is causing turnovers. This is a Skip Bayless-level hot take. And what makes it so great is that she isn't wrong.

When credited by NBC Sports for dissecting the play though, Teigen revealed she's not a football savant just yet.

But, she did provide a thorough explanation of Cousins' upcoming free agency, so it doesn't matter that she doesn't know all the terminology.

The first rule of being a good analyst is making sure you get information from a reliable source, so we're still giving Teigen full credit for that astute synopsis of Cousins' future in Washington.

But what about the rest of the league? How much more football wisdom can Teigen share with the world?

Brett Favre couldn't get past 41 when he was playing so saying Tom Brady will be done in two seasons when he will be 42 is a really well-reasoned prediction.

What else can Teigen tell us?

Another quality observation. If you have to guess which team has a better chance to win a championship in the future, the team with its franchise quarterback under contract for two more seasons to pair with last season's leading rusher is a better bet than the team that might lose its starting quarterback this offseason.

Anything else you need Chrissy Teigen to explain?

Well now we're just wasting her time. Joe Flacco does have a career-high 65.5 completion percentage this season, but he also has a career-low 5.4 yards per attempt and only nine touchdowns to his 11 interceptions. You would have to be either a fool or stuck in 2012 if you were to call him elite.

Come on people. This is your chance to do that thing where guys ask a woman questions about sports to prove she doesn't actually know anything. You got to try harder.

Boom. She just admitted she doesn't know what a pick-six is, so there's no way she could possibly have a good answer to this question. Right?

The Saints offense is first in the NFL in total yards, second in passing yards per game and third in rushing yards per game. The balanced offense theory checks out.

New Orleans is 13th in total defense and ninth in pass yards allowed per game. The team is also 10th in the NFL with 10 interceptions and ninth in scoring defense. Excellent might be a bit strong of an adjective, but the defense is definitely good. Another point for Teigen.

And lastly, in Super Bowl XLIV Drew Brees was named MVP after leading the Saints to their first Lombardi Trophy by beating the Colts 31-17. Drew Brees is in fact a champ.

Turns out that while your drunk uncle was busy telling you that the Cowboys were gong to make an epic comeback against the Chargers, Chrissy Teigen was on Pro Football Focus checking Vonn Bell's position ranking.

What else can Chrissy Teigen teach us about the NFL and where was she when I was drafting my fantasy football team?

The 9-1 Eagles are in complete control of the NFC East and have a great chance to clinch the top seed in the NFC for the first time since 2004. Carson Wentz also leads all quarterbacks with 25 touchdown passes. He would be a solid choice for MVP.

So, the takes might not have been all that hot, but they will probably be more accurate then whatever your favorite analyst predicted would happen this season.

Is it possible that Teigen was just continuing to tweet out thoughts that are actually John Legend's? Sure. But why would you be the person to discount Chrissy Teigen's clear football genius? She just gifted us with multiple gems on a holiday. Appreciate it.

Teigen has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition, but it is obvious that she would be more beneficial to SI if she was co-hosting a podcast with Peter King. How do we make that happen? Because when she wasn't providing a brilliant breakdown of the NFL, she was handing out relationship advice in a way no other football analyst could.

She was also shrugging off her haters like Marshawn Lynch at the goal line.

Why isn't she calling games for CBS? Tony Romo isn't doing this in the booth. Deion Sanders would never be bold enough to disrespect Chrissy Teigen on national TV like he did Tony.

So while the Redskins picked up a 20-10 win over the Giants, football Twitter was taken over by its new leader. Why spend your time reading Pro Football Talk when Chrissy Teigen can give you all that in-depth analysis and more?