Yeah yeah, we get it. It’s cold. 

By Dan Gartland
December 31, 2017

Master technician Bill Belichick is pulling out all the stops to make sure the 5–10 Jets, led by a quarterback completing fewer than half of his passes, don’t pick up their second road win of the season.

It will be pretty cold in New England for Sunday afternoon’s kickoff (with wind chills around zero), and Belichick doesn’t want the Jets to forget it. 

Belichick, though? This is beach weather for him. He came out for pregame warmups dressed like it was a preseason game in August. 

The forecast calls for a kickoff temperature of 13 degrees, which would be just a touch warmer than the coldest Patriots home game ever—12.4 degrees on Dec. 24 1989 against the Rams. Sure, that’s cold, but this is also the 50th anniversary of the Ice Bowl, which was played in -15 degree weather with a wind chill of -48. 

UPDATE: So much for the tough guy act. Belichick wore about a dozen layers once the game actually started. 

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