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Watch: Bill Belichick Does Not Care About the AFC Championship Trophy, At All

To Belichick, the AFC Championship trophy is about as useful as a poop-flavored lollipop. 

Bill Belichick is going to his eighth Super Bowl after the Patriots overcame an 11-point deficit to beat the Jaguars 24-20. 

When you've been to the Super Bowl that many times, winning the AFC Championship really doesn't do much for you. Case in point: When Belichick was handed the AFC Championship trophy after the victory, he immediately handed it off without so much as lifting it above his head. 

This is how you react when you're handed an old sandwich by a buddy. Like, he just did not care about that thing at all. I guess five Super Bowl titles will desensitize you do that sort of thing. 

Still, this isn't the wildest case of a coach completely disregarding a non-championship trophy. That goes to this Alabama coach, who literally shattered the runner-up trophy from last year's College Football Playoff by chucking it on the floor. 

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