Best of The Philadelphia Police Scanner: Eagles Fans Celebrate NFC Championship Win

Things overhead on the police scanner in Philadelphia after the Eagles' NFC Championship win.
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Philadelphia Eagles fans got rowdy after the team won the NFC Championship with a 38–7 victory over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday night. 

Police took precautions by greasing up street poles with cans of Crisco at least four hours before the game. Fans still managed to get atop poles to take photos and celebrate.

The Eagles will play the New England Patriots in Philadelphia's first Super Bowl since 2004. The Eagles have never won a Super Bowl in franchise history.

Here are some of things overheard on the Philadelphia police scanner after the game:

• "Eagles celebrations have begun and large crowds are already forming."

• "We've got a guy climbing a light pole."

• "There's a guy running nude. He's carrying a green t-shirt and a pair of jeans."

• "Black male in cowboy hat throwing fireworks into the crowd."

• Police officers made a call for a strike force team. 

• "For the most part the crowd is boisterous but orderly complying by police commands"

• "Much larger crowd than we expected"

• "We're going to get people off the statue next"

• "He's standing on top of the bus stand"

• "Crowd is moving. Only three to four thousand people remaining."

• "We lost the intersection"

• There is a bus with NFL personnel that is stuck in traffic. "We have a crowd breaking out their windows"

• "We have a film crew down here and people are performing for them."

• "There's like four or five people arguing. Looks like it's breaking up."