Look: Super Bowl Grounds Crew Forgot to Put Hashmarks Near the NFL Logo At Midfield

This was not a great way to start Super Bowl LII.
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There is nothing bigger in the NFL season than the Super Bowl. So you would assume that all those involved would be more attentive and engaged about doing things the right way than they normally are.

Well, it appears that wasn't exactly what happened.

The grounds crew in Minneapolis forgot to put the yard hashmarks near midfield by the NFL logo and had to go back just hours before the game to add them. There's no reason to think this will have any real effect on the game, but the idea that right before the biggest event in the sport people forgot to make sure the playing surface was properly marked is quite hysterical.

Now when it's time for that controversial challenge on the spot of the ball near midfield, the refs will have lines on the field to compare where exactly the ball should be placed.

Well, that is if they can see these lines that are right on top of the logo.