The night before the Browns drafted Baker Mayfield as the first overall pick, the Oklahoma quarterback broke the Internet by recreating the photo of Brett Favre's draft-day phone call.

In his Facebook Watch series Behind Baker, Mayfield shows how the picture came to life.

Mayfield's family hung mahogany wallpaper and photos from his childhood to set the scene. Everyone donned costumes resembling the outfits worn by Favre and his family, laughing over their wigs and homemade shirts.

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"Brett's the man," Mayfield said about the photo's inspiration. "He was my guy growing up, but it's just an epic picture. It's a way to keep my family having fun, even though this has been a stressful process trying to organize it. Make it fun and enjoyable in the end."

After everyone posed for the picture, Mayfield texted it to Favre.

"Lol classic. Good luck brother," Favre texted back.