Report: Raiders' Gareon Conley Files Countersuit Against Rape Accuser

Conley claims that the rape allegations against him cost him millions of dollars and an endorsement deal with Nike.
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Raiders cornerback Gareon Conley has reportedly filed a counter-suit against a woman who accused him of raping her last year, according to ESPN.

Conley's lawsuit was filed on Monday in reaction to a civil suit the woman filed in April. In his counter-suit, Conley claimed that the allegations affected his place in the NFL draft, "costing him millions of dollars" and "a contract with Nike," reports ESPN.

The Raiders drafted Conley with the No. 24 overall pick in the 2017 draft. The Ohio State cornerback was originally considered as a top-10 pick.

Conley is seeking $25,000 in damages. The lawsuit also claims that the woman "instituted and continued the criminal prosecution of Conley with malice ... because she was upset that Conley refused to have sex with her, or to position her to be able to squeeze a pay-off from Conley, or both," according to ESPN.

In April 2017, the woman accused Conley of raping her in his Cleveland hotel room. In his countersuit, Conley claims that he refused to have sex with the woman and asked her to leave his hotel room, according to USA Today.

Last July, a grand jury declined to charge Conley.