Patriots Celebrate Tom Brady's 41st Birthday With Giant No. 12 Cake, Balloon QB

After an epic celebration for Tom Brady last year, the Patriots had to get even more creative their franchise star's 41st birthday Friday.
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Not much can top Tom Brady's 40th birthday. 

Last year, the Patriots brought in real-life goats to fete their own GOAT (greatest of all-time). The team even got the math down, bringing in five goats to celebrate each of Brady's Super Bowl wins. 

So with another turn around the sun, the Patriots had to get creative for their franchise star's 41st birthday Friday at Patriots camp.

Enter, a giant No. 12 cake. 

But that wasn't enough for the superstar celebration, and the Patriots brought in a very well done balloon Brady and naturally a card to be signed. 

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Unfortunately, tweeting out the card kind of ruins the surprise for Brady, but we'll give the Pats a pass.