Protest Planned Against Redskins Before Season Opener in Arizona

Arizona to Rally Against Native Mascots will host a march that will call for the retirement of the Redskins' name and logo.
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Activists have planned a protest against the Redskins before the team's season opener against the Cardinals in Phoenix, Arizona, on Sunday.

The group, Arizona to Rally Against Native Mascots (AZ Rally) will host the March & Rally Against Racist Mascots. The march will call for the retirement of the Redskins' name and logo.

The press release states:

"The term 'redskin' is a dictionary-defined racial slur rooted in the attempted genocide of Indigenous people. The use of the term today further dehumanizes Indigenous people and allows for the current and continued human and civil rights violations against Indigenous communities across the United States. Az Rally urges everyone to stand in solidarity with the Not Your Mascot movement to end the use of the Washington team’s mascot and all racist mascots."

The protests will take place at the University of Phoenix Stadium starting at 1 p.m. ET before the game kicks off at 4:25 p.m. ET.

Last year, a viral parody campaign, using fake news stories and websites, claimed the team was changing its name. The hoax was created by Native Advocates to bring awareness to changing the mascot.

Critics of the Redskins name say it is a racial slur that denigrates Native Americans. Washington owner Dan Snyder has repeatedly said he will never change the team's name.