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Bettor Wins $100,000 After $5 on 15-Leg Parlay Involving 14 NFL Games

This person bet on all but two games in the final week of the regular season to make this parlay happen.

This bettor decided to wait until the last week of the regular season to fully flex their knowledge of the NFL with the ultimate test.

At the Hollywood Casino sports book in West Virginia this past weekend, one bettor made the call to put together a 15-leg parlay involving 14 of the 16 games being played on the final Sunday of the regular season.

By putting $5 down on the ticket, this person walked away with $100,000.

Here's the breakdown of how this hit:

Cowboys +6: Cowboys beat Giants 36-35 (Cowboys win spread 42-35)
Chiefs -13: Chiefs beat Raiders 35-3 (22-3)
Patriots -13: Patriots beat Jets 38-3 (25-3)
Eagles -7: Eagles beat Redskins 24-0 (17-0)
Lions +0: Lions beat Packers 31-0
Texans -7: Texans beat Jaguars 20-3 (13-3)
Browns +6: Ravens beat Browns 26-24 (Browns win spread 30-26)
Falcons +1: Falcons beat Buccaneers 34-32 (35-32)
Bills -3: Bills beat Dolphins 42-17 (39-17)
Colts -1: Colts beat Titans 33-17 (32-17)
Bengals +14: Steelers beat Bengals 16-13 (Bengals win spread 27-16)
Bears +6: Bears beat Vikings 24-10 (18-10)
Bears vs. Vikings under 41: Combined for 34 points
Chargers -7: Chargers beat Broncos 23-9 (16-9)
Rams -10: Rams beat 49ers 48-32 (38-32)

This person probably had a great time celebrating the new year with all these new funds.