Which NFL Coach has the Most Super Bowl Rings?

Of the 32 coaches that have won the Super Bowl, 13 have won it multiple times.
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Patriots coach Bill Belichick has five Super Bowls, making him the most victorious of the 32 coaches who have won the big game.

Belichick has defeated five different teams (Rams, Panthers, Eagles, Seahawks, Falcons) in his five wins. Belichick's eight Super Bowl appearances is also the top mark. The longtime Patriots coach could have won his sixth title last season, but New England lost 41–33 to the Eagles.

Former Steelers coach Chuck Noll has the second-most Super Bowl wins with four, which is also the most wins without a loss in the Super Bowl for any coach.

Along with Belichick and Noll, 11 other coaches have won multiple Super Bowls. Of that group, seven coaches besides Noll are undefeated in the big game. Bill Walsh went 3–0 with the 49ers, while Vince Lombardi (Packers), Tom Flores (Raiders), Jimmy Johnson (Cowboys), George Seifert (49ers), Mike Shanahan (Broncos) and Tom Coughlin (Giants) all went 2-0 with their teams.Coughlin's two wins came against the Patriots.

Don Shula (2–4) and Tom Landry (2–3) are the only coaches to win multiple Super Bowls but still carry a record below .500 in the game.