The stage was built, Maroon 5 performed, and it was all taken apart in a matter of minutes during halftime of the Super Bowl.

By Emily Caron
February 03, 2019

Maroon 5 headlined Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show in Atlanta, Ga. Travis Scott and Big Boi joined the group on stage in Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where an illuminated stage in the shape of an 'M' was constructed for the performance.

Spotlights, backlighting, fireworks and more were brought out as well during the rapid setup, which was deconstructed just as quickly after the performers left the field.

Maroon 5's lead signer Adam Levine stole the show itself–or rather, his wardrobe did–during the 14-minute performance

The Rams and the Patriots returned to action after the show's stage was cleared.

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