Fullback Alex Armah says he saw a man attempting to break into his car on Feb. 6.

By Alaa Abdeldaiem
February 12, 2019

Carolina Panthers fullback Alex Armah says he used an arm-bar wrestling move to detain a man trying to break into his car, the Charlotte Observer's Jourdan Rodrigue reported on Tuesday.

According to Rodrigue, the incident occurred on Feb. 6 at Armah's complex in Charlotte. Daniel Cagle, the 32-year-old suspect, was arrested on charges of attempting to break into or enter a motor vehicle. 

Armah was reportedly working out in his apartment when he received an alert by the OWL dashboard camera he had installed in his car that someone was trying to break in.

"I wasn't trying to get physical with him, but he kept trying to run," Armah told ESPN by phone. "I had to put him in an arm bar so he'd stop moving until the cops got there."

Armah, a 2017 sixth-round draft pick, had previously gotten his car broken into in December. The incident convinced him to get the camera installed on his dashboard.

Armah reportedly held Cagle for five minutes until officers arrived to the scene.

"I wasn't worried. I wasn't afraid. I have confidence in myself," Armah said. "I didn't see him as too much of a threat from the position I was in. It was just me being a normal guy, so I think, catching somebody breaking into his car. Every day across the country somebody is getting their car broken into. Oftentimes, the person is either caught a long time after the fact or he's never found at all. Me being in position to catch the person until the police got there, that was huge."

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