NFL fans responded to the safety's release on Twitter but didn't realize they found the wrong 'Eric Weddle.'

By Jenna West
March 05, 2019

The Baltimore Ravens reportedly released safety Eric Weddle on Tuesday, and fans reached out to the veteran on the Twitter to recruit him to join their favorite teams. There was just one problem with their well-intentioned tweets– they found the wrong man named Eric Weddle.

Weddle, an education journalist with WFYI public media in Indianapolis, suddenly had a lot of Twitter mentions on Tuesday after news of the Ravens releasing his namesake broke. Despite the fact that the journalist is clean shaven and wears glasses in his Twitter profile picture, and the 5'11", 195-pound safety has a beard, many fans didn't seem to pay attention to who they were tagging in their tweets.

Weddle had some fun with the mix-up and replied to many tweets, including the ones asking when the safety shaved his beard.

This isn't the first time someone has been mistaken for an NFL player on Twitter. In January, a British woman named Dee Ford received angry tweets from Kansas City Chiefs fans after the linebacker lined up offsides in the AFC Championship Game against the New England Patriots. The call negated an interception by Charvarius Ward that could have iced the game and sent Kansas City to Super Bowl LIII.

Ford interacted with Chiefs fans after the January game and even reached out to Weddle on Twitter on Tuesday night to joke that they can join each other at whatever team they both get traded to this offseason.

At least Ford and Weddle have a good sense of humor and seem to enjoy playing along with the antics on Twitter.

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