Bad Football Movies dipped into the high school ranks for Varsity Blues (1999), a movie that is not bad, and in a lot of ways, may not entirely be a football movie. MMQB staff writer Conor Orr and senior writer Jenny Vrentas dive deep into James Van Der Beek's finest hour—a movie that saw him rage against casual sexism, the overuse of painkillers, racism, concussion issues and stuck-in-the-mud thoughts on dusty old offenses. In the matter of roughly a month, Jonathan “Mox” Moxon not only leads this Texas town to glory, but also changes some lives in the process.


What was your first experience like with Varsity Blues? Have you seen it since, and if so, does it sink in beyond just an infamous non-sex scene involving a desert topping? Find us on Twitter or write us at the MMQB’s talk-back account. Be sure to subscribe to the MMQB’s podcast feed for actual football content, plus previous Bad Football Movies episodes on Draft DayAny Given SundayThe Longest Yard and The Replacements.

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