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Former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi suffered a stroke Thursday, his family announced Friday in a statement through his foundation.

The former Patriots linebacker is recovering well, according to his family. 

The Tedy's Team Instagram account posted the statement, saying Bruschi suffered a stroke known as a transient ischemic attack. The statement said Bruschi recognized his symptoms, arm weakness, face drooping and speech difficulties, immediately.

Tedy's Team is the foundation Bruschi started in 2005 after he suffered a stroke at the age of 31, when he suffered a stroke days after the 2005 Super Bowl. He announced he would sit out the 2005 season, but returned in October of that season. 

Patriots owner Robert Kraft issued a statement following the news of Bruschi's stroke, praising the former linebacker for having "provided inspiration to so many and positively impacted the lives of others by sharing his story and advocating for early detection of stroke symptoms."

"While shocked to hear of his recent stroke, known as a TIA, we are relieved to learn that he recognized the early symptoms and immediately sought and received treatment," Kraft said in the statement. "On behalf of the entire Patriots organization, we extend our love, thoughts and prayers to Tedy and the Bruschi family while we wish him godspeed in a complete recovery."

Bruschi, now 46, played for the Patriots his entire career, winning three Super Bowls before retiring after the 2008 season. He was drafted by New England in 1996.