Screenshot from @MsJoNew via Twitter

Stephen A. Smith was ready to troll Cowboys fans at their own pro shop like it was the First Take set.

By Khadrice Rollins
September 05, 2019

Stephen A. Smith is ready for the start of the NFL season.

Well, he's ready to antagonize Cowboys fans while NFL games actually happen.

The ESPN host and First Take debater decided to have a little fun with Dallas fans and posted up in a Cowboys Pro Shop to talk his smack about the team that he normally saves for TV and radio.

"Y'all ain't going to do anything. I'm just telling y'all right now," Stephen A. said to the crowd that was largely wearing Cowboys gear.

He then talked with one fan about the possibility of Dallas going 11-5 and winning Super Bowl LIV.

"Super Bowl? Super Bowl?" he said in response to the fan.

This is easily up there as one of Stephen A.'s greatest troll jobs. Right up there with the times he showed up to First Take in a cowboy hat to talk his talk.

The Cowboys did go on to win the game against the Saints on Thursday night, so Stephen A. had to eat a little crow for his shenanigans. But 1-1 isn't too bad.

And even if Dallas wins this season's Super Bowl, you can't hate on the man in all black walking right into enemy territory with his chest puffed out.

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