Uni Watch's Best and Worst Looks From Week 2 in the NFL

Which two teams produced the best-looking uniform combination during the Week 2 slate of games?
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Welcome to Week 2 of Uni Watch's Best and Worst, as we single out the best eye candy and worst eyesore from this week's NFL action. We rate the games primarily on the uniforms, but other things also factor in, including the turf, the stadium, the weather and so on.

Without further ado, here are my picks for this week's edition:

Week 2's best-looking game: Chiefs at Raiders


This one's a no-brainer. You've got two classic uniforms, including the league's single greatest uni element (KC's red pants, don'tcha know), but what really puts this one over the top is that it's likely to be the final NFL game played across a baseball infield. This used to be a common sight back in the days of multi-purpose stadiums, but the Raiders are the last NFL club to share their building with an MLB team, and this was their last game in Oakland until November (their "home" game in Week 5 is in London). They're moving to Vegas next season, so this was the last time we'll get to see the odd but endearing sight of an NFL gridiron spread out across an MLB diamond. Of course, these two uniforms would look good on any surface, but it's sad that we'll never get to see them again on a dirt infield. The end of an era.

Week 2's worst-looking game: Bucs at Panthers


This was a tough game to watch on Thursday night in Carolina. The Bucs, with their digital alarm clock uni numbers, are always a challenge. As for the Panthers, they're long overdue for a makeover. But when they pair their black paints with black socks, creating the dreaded leotard effect, they're taking their look to its lowest ebb. Put it all together and you have a good argument for changing the channel to the local baseball game.

Honorable mention: Patriots at Dolphins


Is there anyone — seriously, anyone — who prefers the Dolphins' primary uniform set over their gorgeous throwbacks? The old helmet logo, the block jersey numbers, the striped socks — chef's kiss! The Pats' middling boilerplate look keeps this game from ascending to the top of this week's rankings, but let's give Miami credit for the throwbacks. If you have to lose 43-0, you may as well look great while you're doing it.