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On this episode of the Shoot Your Shot Podcast With Jonathan Jones on The MMQB NFL Podcast feed, Jones sits down with Browns DE Myles Garrett to talk about his musical interests, what it was like attending his first-ever concert (not that long ago!), how he came to like certain bands and much more.

(Listen and subscribe to the latest episode of The MMQB NFL Podcast here. The following transcript has been edited and condensed for clarity.)

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Jonathan Jones: So I've seen a lot with you about your musical interests. Who would you say is your favorite band?

Myles Garrett: Oooh...

Jones I'm going to go band, and then I want you to go artist as well.

Garrett: You've got to go with what kind of band because you've got Earth Wind and Fire and with rock, you got Journey and Queen...

Jones: I need to narrow it down. Let's go classic rock. Let's go to '70s and '80s classic rock.

Garrett: It is so hard. It's a toss up between Journey and Queen. But I've been a Journey fan since I was a boy.

Jones: How do you get into Journey as a boy?

Garrett: My dad, really. I mean, everybody hears 'Don't Stop Believin'' and it kind of became an annoyance listening to that song. But then I expanded and started listen just the whole albums, listen to their whole discography, and I found that they had a lot of hits, that a lot of songs they just went under the radar. They struck me.

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Jones: So when you're vegging out, and you want to hear Journey, what song are you putting on?

Garrett: Hmmm, would depend on what mood I'm in. A favorite song by them, think it was Steve Perry's first song that he wrote for them, is called 'Patiently' and I mean there's 'Separate Ways,' there’s 'Who's Crying Now,' 'Winds of March,' you got 'Stone in Love,' 'Feeling That Way'... There's so many.

Jones: Have you been to a Journey concert?

Garrett: No, never never gotten the opportunity... I went to a Hall & Oates concert.

Jones: Oh yeah? And what do you think of them?

Garrett: Well that was my first concert ever.

Jones: Really, when?

Garrett: It was my first year here.

Jones: So you mean to tell me until you were like a full grown adult, you had not been to a concert?

Garrett: Never, other than that one, and it was awesome. So I'd go see him again.

Jones: Yeah, they got some bangers.

Garrett: And like so we came a little bit late, I was like 20 minutes late [to the concert]. And so they had one song, I think was 'I Can't Go For That.' And they probably were just ending this song, and I was like, you're 20 minutes late! Must have like introductions for like ten minutes and they're still singing that song. But they went for maybe 45 minutes to an hour and then they were like, "Thank you, good night!" And I was like, aw, I guess they're done. That's it. And my friend was like, "There's going to be an encore." I was like, "Are you sure? Did they do that for everyone? Do they always do that?" She's like, "Yeah, of course." I thought. You know I don't lose my seat somebody goes to here you know I'll check it out. I'm not gonna be too mad if we're the last one that we have the weird little bit of traffic and it came back and started playing 'Kiss on My List' and 'Maneater.' It's definitely worth it. It's definitely worth sitting there.

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