Welcome to Week 3 of Uni Watch's Best and Worst, as we single out the best eye candy and worst eyesore from this week's NFL action. We rate the games primarily on the uniforms, but other things can also factor in, including the turf, the stadium, the weather and so on.

Without further ado, here are the picks for Week 3:

Best-looking game of Week 3

Steelers at 49ers


The Steelers like to say that their colors are black and gold. But come on—that's yellow, not gold. The Niners provided a handy comparison on Sunday. Now that's gold.

Whatever you want to call the colors, both teams have solid uniforms that complement each other nicely. Toss in a sun-splashed California afternoon and you have a game that's very, very easy on the eyes.

Worst-looking game of Week 3

Dolphins at Cowboys


It's not often that a game can qualify as the week's worst by virtue of only one team's uniform, but that was the case on Sunday in Dallas, as Miami went mono-aqua. We all know the Dolphins have given up on this season, but do they have to give up on their uniforms too? Unwatchable.