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Chiefs-Texans Blowout Ranks as Fourth Highest-Scoring NFL Playoff Game

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Highest Scoring Playoff Games

The Texans and Chiefs combined for the highest-scoring first half in NFL postseason history Sunday, scoring 52 total points as Kansas City led 28-24 at halftime. 

The high-scoring affair continued in the second half, and the Chiefs added two touchdowns in both the third and fourth quarters to cruise to a 51–31 victory over Houston. 

Despite Sunday's score, the divisional game fell short of breaking the record for the highest scoring game in postseason history.

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That honor belongs to Cardinals-Packers wild-card game in 2009—January 2010, specifically—when Arizona defeated the Packers 51-45 in overtime, spoiling Aaron Rodgers's second-ever playoff game.

In the 1995 wild-card round, the Eagles beat the Lions 58-37, combining for 95 points, the second-most ever.

The Rams' 48-37 win over the Vikings in 1999 Divisional round marks the third-highest scoring playoff game ever.

Entering Sunday, the Bills' 41-38 Wild Card win over the Oilers in 1992 and the Chargers' 41-38 win over Miami in the 1981 Divisional round were tied for the fourth-most points in a playoff game. However, the Chiefs' win over the Texans moved into fourth all-time on the list and pushed the Bill-Oilers and Chargers-Dolphins matchups to fifth.

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and TE Travis Kelce both tied offensive records in the first half of Sunday's game